Readers' Testimonials

—Evie Blackburn

Norfolk, United Kingdom

“Poignant poetry that will warm your heart.”

—Brenda G. Greenwood

Jackson, Mississippi

“This enlightening and inspiring collection makes me want to go out and start writing poems. Two thumbs-up to the author for writing such wonderful poems!”

—Isabella Stokes

Norfolk, United Kingdom

“Quite an interesting view of how humans interact and behave, using lovely prose.”

About the Book

Wizardry of Women is a collection of various interesting poems. The book, which greatly draws its inspiration from the philosophies of Zoroastrianism and Christianity, dives deep in its exploration of the human mind. Its poems contain the author’s reflections on life from his perspective.

Through the book, the author wishes for readers of all ages to be enlightened.

About the Author

Bruce Charles Kirrage was born in Singapore in 1953. He traveled around various places in the world before making the United Kingdom his permanent home in 1966. He has been writing poems and children’s stories since 1977.

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Meadow lie unfallow
Winter bunting crow carrow
Come eglect not regret
For want and get
Fallow the farrow
Further in toward narrow

Hark sweet words of youth
From yonder fair to dark
Wander not as a cloud
Is a tiny voice loud

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